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Ratification Vote 2024

OPENS: June 20, 2024 12pm EDT
CLOSES: July 4, 2024 12pm EDT
• In accordance with PSAC Regulation 15A, members must attend an information session to hear a presentation prior to casting a ballot.
• Information sessions are scheduled across multiple time zones online. Be sure to confirm the time differences of the selected information session and your time zone.
• Electronic voting can be completed online by using your desktop or mobile device and the credentials provided.
• If you are unable to vote online, please contact your regional office.
• Once you have attended an information session online, you can vote immediately after the presenter releases the vote or anytime during the voting period using your Ballot and PIN.
• This is a secret ballot vote. How you vote is entirely confidential. Each member received their own secret ballot and PIN

You will be able to cast your vote upon completion of attendance to the manditory information session or by returning at a later time during the voting period. 

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Please enter your Voting Identification Number (Ballot #) and your Access Password (PIN) found on the ballot you received in the by email or mail. 
If you haven't received your voting credentials from PSAC by email or mail by June 20, you may need to update your contact information before you can register to vote.

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